Morphe Brushes: Simply the Best in the Biz

By Editor October 7, 2016 13:40

Morphe Brushes: Simply the Best in the Biz

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By: Rosangelica Cardenas, Blush Boutique

“Makeup should never be used to hide yourself. It should be used to enhance your natural beauty.” – Kira Carl

Okay Latinas – I’m in love! I’ve started a beautiful relationship with Morphe Brushes. Really! Morphe Brushes are a must in my everyday routine. Whether it’s their brushes, eye-shadow palettes, countour kits or liquid lipsticks – everything from Morphe is truly on point. They’ve managed to give us a high-end, quality product without sacrificing affordability.

This year alone, Morphe managed to launch a brand new collection called Rose Gold Brushes. They’ve also given us some of the most pigmented and buttery eye shadows you can imagine. And did I mention won’t break the bank?

Morphe’s new Rose Gold collection consists of 31 magnificent pieces that can help you achieve a flawless look; but if you’re thinking that you must own all 31 to do so,  I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. Here is, however, a good starting point:

  • Pointed Highlight, R36, $7.99: Pointed brush that is perfect for highlighting
  • Deluxe Blender, R35, $7.99: Best blending eye shadow brush
  • Angle Brush, R4, $9.99: Accentuate your cheek bones with this perfect angled blush brush
  • Pencil Crease, R41, $4.99: Perfect for smudging bold outer eye shadow
  • Deluxe Powder Brush, R0, $22.99: Beautiful big brush to set your makeup
  • Flat Buffer, R6, $14.99: Foundation brush.  This is the staple of the entire collection
  • Curved Contour, R9, $12.99: This brush’s shape will give you the perfect contour

Even though Morphe is mainly recognized for their brushes, but they’ve also nailed it with their eye shadow palettes. One of their most coveted is the Colour Nature Glow Eye Shadow Palette (350), for only $22.99. This palette became so popular it sold out within an hour of its release. However, it’s restocked and available now for all makeup lovers. I highly recommend it!

It’s awesome that now anyone can have access to high-quality makeup and, most importantly, the tools that we need to apply it. However, all the makeup in the world means nothing without confidence. Make sure to include that in every one of the looks you create. That’s priceless.






This article is a contribution by Rosangelica Cardenas, owner of Blush Boutique in Phoenix. Blush Boutique offers women’s apparel, shoes and accessories in unique styles suitable for any age. You can visit their official website at, email them at or call 602.579.8725.

You can also stay connected through their social media channels on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

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By Editor October 7, 2016 13:40

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