What Selena Gomez Does To Stay Fit

By Editor July 25, 2017 09:33

What Selena Gomez Does To Stay Fit

What Selena Gomez Does To Stay Fit

by Alexis Morillo

It’s hard to believe that Selena Gomez isn’t the best at keeping up with her workouts while on tour. But in a recent interview with Elle.com she confirmed just that. “I’m horrible at discipline when it comes to working out. I’m one of those people who’s like, ‘Ah, I ran for five minutes. I think I’m good,’” Gomez said.

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Although she does work out with her trainer while on the road, her true fitness secret is surprising — she wraps herself up like a burrito in a contraption known as an infrared sauna. This method is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, you wrap your body up like a burrito and sweat for around 45 minutes.

It sounds a little crazy, but the Fetish singer swears by it. “It releases all the toxins of your body, and you kind of feel…kind of the equivalent of a sauna, but it gets your heart rate up, and it gets everything flowing in your body,” SelGo told the media outlet. “It’s changed my skin, it’s kind of changed my body as well, so it feels really good.”

According to MindBodyGreen.com the benefits are not just in her head. Infrared sauna therapy aids in detoxification, relaxation, pain relief, weight loss, improved circulation and skin purification by adjusting the body’s temperature and hormone levels.

“I know it sounds gross, but you just sit in your sweat for an hour and don’t immediately shower because there’s natural collagen in your toxins that it actually makes your skin feel softer before you wash it all off. It feels incredible,” the 25-year-old mexicana assured Elle.

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Hey, can’t knock it ‘til you try it, and if rolling up like a sweat burrito will make us look anything like our girl Selena, we might just have to!

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By Editor July 25, 2017 09:33

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