Latina Congressional Candidate Moves Beyond Being a Maxim Model

By Editor March 26, 2017 08:29

Latina Congressional Candidate Moves Beyond Being a Maxim Model

Latina Congressional Candidate Moves Beyond Being a Maxim Model

By Reza Gorhesi


Getting ready for the 2018 Congressional election is someone you may not expect to see in government: Maxim model Alejandra Campoverdi (Ali Campoverdi). Although she’s a talented government staffer, Campoverdi is well known for her prolific modeling career, including some super steamy photoshoots.

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Alejandra Campoverdi: Maxim Model

Alejandra Campoverdi, 37, was a model for several years, in order to pay for her schooling. While attending USC, Campoverdi was invited to appear in Maxim. Here is Maxim’s photo shoot of Campoverdi:


But Alejandra Campoverdi is much more than a model. Check out some amazing facts about her below.

Alejandra Campoverdi: Harvard Grad, Obama Staffer

Alejandra Campoverdi is not just a Maxim model. Campoverdi has a long history of working in government and as an executive.

Campoverdi has also been a long-time proponent of Democratic policies, such as healthcare. She also worked as a journalist and media executive. In addition to having a top role at Univision, Campoverdi was one of the people who founded the Fusion TV network, which broadcasts online and on cable. Given these executive positions, The Squander estimates that Campoverdi’s net worth is upwards of a million dollars.

According to The Washington Post, Campoverdi also was a breast cancer advocate, after finding out that she has a high likelihood of developing it herself.

Alejandra Campoverdi grew up extremely poor with a single mother. She was forced to work in order to attend college at USC. While at college she also did a lot of Latino outreach.

After graduating from Harvard with a Master’s degree in government and public policy, Campoverdi went on to work in the Obama administration as a top deputy director for outreach to Latinos.

By Editor March 26, 2017 08:29

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