Catherine Anaya’s Latest Blog Post: “Women Helping Women Succeed”

By admin August 3, 2015 11:37

By: Catherine Anaya

It was nearly six years ago when I was invited to speak at an Intel event for its women employees. I was asked to talk about my career and some of obstacles I had to overcome to get there. It was the first time I remember being brutally honest about some of the personal challenges I had faced through the years and the first time I allowed myself to cry on stage. The response from the audience that day was so overwhelmingly positive I knew sharing my story needed to be part of whatever I did moving forward.

What I discovered that day is that women – no matter where we are in life or how we got there – all have a story. Sharing our personal journeys – the good, bad and the ugly – can have a tremendous empowering effect on each other. From that day forward I started writing a magazine column detailing some of my most personal experiences about motherhood, relationships, career, family. That eventually led to more speaking engagements and the creation of a women’s group I call the Sisterhood of Super Women. The purpose of our group is to bring women of all walks of life together who share a common passion for community and charity.

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By admin August 3, 2015 11:37

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