2017 Swimsuit Trends for Women

By Editor May 13, 2017 14:32

2017 Swimsuit Trends for Women

2017 Swimsuit Trends for Women

With sumptuously sunny weather just around the corner, it’s time to get out of the floaties and do your finest swimwear! This season, it’s all about showing off skin and silhouettes through unique cut-outs, and revamping styles from older eras. These styles are making waves and you’ve got to catch one – Which style will you wear?

1. Lace-Up Corset Sides, And Lace Up Details
This shows a bunch of sexy side skin, and the corset detail is always supremely chic and adds babe factor, whether it’s along the side, showing some side boob and your curves, or in the front, showing off a bit of cleavage.

2. Off The Shoulder Mini-Tee Top

We love this super feminine remix on the bandeau – added sleeves give an ultra-femme style that makes your shoulders look so good. Also, you don’t even need a cover up for this one – throw on a maxi skirt and you’re good to go!

3. Lace and Ruffles
Keeping in the same vein with feminine styles, this season it’s all about girly lace materials and ruffle ad-ons. They make you look dramatic and fashionable while still keeping it sexy. Why not rock some flounce?

4. Crochet Bikinis
This bohemian style might be cuter on sand than soaked by the waves and adding an extra 15 pounds for you to drag around. But we love the bohemian and very Coachella inspired style. And how cool would you look rollerblading on the beach in something like this?

5. Monokinis With Cut-Outs
Yes, these cutouts won’t give you the most flattering of tan lines, but leaving the beach tiger-style might be worth it for one of these badass monokinis with trendy, hot cut-outs. It highlights whatever you want it to highlight depending on the cutout, and is the perfect middle ground between a one piece and a two piece.

6. ’90s Side High-Leg One Pieces

Yup, with the revival of Baywatch, we’ve seen an upraise in the trend of the hip and pelvis baring high-legged one pieces. If you don’t like baring your torso but are down to show some leg, this is the perfect way to add some sexy to your swimsuit. Why not grab yourself a red one and slow motion run down the beach?

7. High-Waisted Bikinis Bottoms
Some of you are going to roll your eyes at this and call them granny panties, but we’re kind of digging this retro, pin-up inspired look. It makes your figure look more hour-glass like (like the concealing power of Spanx), and also hides your tummy while still showing some skin.

8. One-Shouldered Looks
These are so elegant, and can be integrated in one-piece or bikini. In all black, or with a scalloped edge, this silhouette will be a head-turner (and worth your one pale shoulder). Great to rock with solid colors. A low-key but glamorous look we adore for all body types.

9. Yellow Swimsuits

Yellow is huge this season – and why not? It’s bright and sunny, and makes happiness contagious. Olivia Palermo rocked it in Ibiza and we were obsessed – this is the perfect look for blondes to pull off.

10. Nude Swimsuits
This is a little more serious than the yellow swimsuit, and also a bit of a cheeky optical illusion! We know Kylie’s a fan of this one. Until you get close-up to someone in one of these, it can look like they’re only in their birthday suit! Gotta love those neutral palettes!

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By Editor May 13, 2017 14:32

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