Achieve Flawless Complexion

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Achieve Flawless Complexion

Achieve Flawless Complexion


Skintologist and owner of Afterglow Beverly Hills, Natalie Aguilar, shared with us top celebrity beauty regimen to achieve the perfect skin you’ve been dreaming your whole life.

Aguilar combines her medical knowledge as a nurse with her expertise as an aesthetician. Her extraordinary knowledge of skin health ranks her among the best in Hollywood. A-listers and big Latina celebrities such as Roselyn Sánchez, Ana de la Reguera, Michelle Salas, Eiza González, Alejandra Espinoza, and many others, swear by her revolutionary approach to skin care .

Japanese beauty guru Shu-Uemura trained Aguilar, and taught her respect and discipline for beauty; this is the main reason why is possible to understand why all her treatments today, distinguishes her from others in her field.


“My treatments are unique, custom and fun and constantly being updated to keep up with new developments in the industry.”- Natalie Aguilar. Photo: Courtesy Afterglow Beverly Hills

Natalie Aguilera believes in healthy skin care as the most important factor in achieving beautiful, healthy and radiant skin, that’s why she wanted to share with all the Latino community three life changing beauty tips to acquire radiant skin.

1. Pore Refining

If you are also obsess over a pore-less and uniform texture of the skin, Skintologist suggests one of her favorite treatments that help to promote the “pore-less” appearance on skin. Afterglow active peels are personalized to cater exactly to what your skin’s needs are. The treatment can be done in Los Angeles with a downtime of approximately 2-7 days depending on the active peel chosen.

But if you can’t make it due long distance, you can totally try using a physical scrub to remove the dead skin that has accumulated over time. Aguilar recommends using round crystals that will not cause micro-cuts on the skins surface (stay away from crushed seeds, or pits). Start using a small dime-sized amount on the forehead and massage with gentle pressure in circular motions. Work your way down from the forehead down to the décolleté. Keeping pores clean, and consistently exfoliating the skin, will help to minimize pores and keep them tight.

2. Younger Looking Hands and Neck

To help clients look many years younger, Aguilar suggest the Micro-needling and Collagen Induction Therapy. This treatment helps to promote a healthy, more youthful appearance. The Micro-needling CIT therapy utilizes fine, precise needles that deliver healing and anti-aging serums beneath the skin to create new collagen production and regenerate skin cells for a more radiant and even complexion. There is a downtime of 2-3 days days and should be done a few weeks prior to a special event.

Many reputable companies are now offering micro-roller/micro-stimulator products for at-home use. When performed at home, these products will gently help to promote collagen and a youthful skin. Although they are not professional-grade products they should still be used with extreme caution. It is important to strictly follow the product instructions and guidelines (particularly for maintaining its sterility and cleanliness).

3. Detox Your Face

Every now and then, everyone should consider detoxing not only the body, but the face as well. Afterglow Beverly Hills uses their Signature Gem Peel, this treatment works by vacuuming ultra-fine crystals across the skin’s surface to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the outer layer of the skin.

For a detox, they would follow with gentle, yet effective, extractions to help decongest the skin. Once that has been done, the ultra-clean skin is covered with their fabulous charcoal-infused detox mask with LED Light Therapy to increase micro-circulation of the blood and a lymphatic drainage massage to help rid the body of toxins. After this detoxing treatment, clients feel rejuvenated and their skin feels absolutely breathable.

Aguilar shared a great DIY charcoal mask that you can do in the comfort of your own home. For this wonderful detox mask you will need:

1 Tablespoon – Plain, Greek Yogurt – gently soothes and exfoliates the skin.

3 Capsules of Activated Charcoal – Detoxes and draws out impurities, oil, and toxins!

1/4 Teaspoon of Powdered Turmeric – anti-inflammatory, and is rich in antioxidants for anti-aging.

4 Drops of Witch Hazel – cleanses and minimizes oil.


Add Greek Yogurt, Turmeric, and Witch Hazel into a bowl and add the three capsules of Activated Charcoal by opening each capsule and pouring the charcoal in to the bowl. Stir all ingredients and apply to face, neck, and chest for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with tepid water, and pat dry. Follow with your favorite moisturizer. And make sure to drink plenty of water.

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