7-Year-Old Fashion Social Media Icon

By Editor April 24, 2017 07:38

7-Year-Old Fashion Social Media Icon

7-Year-Old Fashion Social Media Icon

By LatinTrends.com

Haileigh Vasquez is a fashionista at heart. This 7-year-old Dominican princess is amazingly gifted and she is gifting the world with her charisma and talent. Her almost 200k Instagram followers love seeing her swag, wearing the latest Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry clothes.

When she grows up, she said she wants to be a fashion designer, like Karl Lagerfeld, the renowned designer for Fendi, Chanel and others. “I like Karl, because he’s really fashionable, and I am too” says Haileigh. I really, really want to be like him one day.”

Haileigh’s mother, Zulay Vasquez, says her first post was when Haileigh was just 3 years old.

Vasquez said that by law, 15 percent of the money Haileigh earns goes into a trust fund, and then the remainder goes into her daughter’s savings account. “I will just put it there and let it grow,” Vasquez said. “If she decides at some point that she no longer wants to pursue this, she wants to go to MIT or Harvard, she has the funds to pay for that.”

Some people may say Vasquez is just capitalizing on her daughter’s looks, Vasquez said the Instagram page is just a hobby for them. “She just happens to get paid for it,” she said. “I feel I built her up for the future, her confidence. She looks at herself and she says, I’m beautiful. That’s the first step towards making her a confident young adult.”

The world of social media stardom can come at a price. When you have so many followers, parents have to ask themselves are all these people good intentioned?

“And then you have cases where it’s kind of dangerous and people can develop a scary obsession with your child,” Vasquez said she takes protective measures to keep her daughter safe, posting only a few times a week and never tagging their location while they are still there. I make sure that I have an app where I check everybody. I make sure that she’s always safe. As long as I can prevent it, I’m going to control it.”

“Haileigh has such a personality,” Vasquez said. She wants to pick everybody’s outfit. She loves everything about fashion. However, if she wanted to give it all up tomorrow, she says she would be fine with that.

At the beginning of 2017 Haileigh landed a deal with Target to design her own clothing line called art class, Target’s newest Kids’ apparel and accessories brand. The trendy line is all about encouraging kids to express themselves through what they’re wearing, just like an actual art class. Haileigh is part of this exciting program, together with a small group of stand-out youngsters.

“If she was to say, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore, then I support her 100 percent all the way,” Vasquez said. “Because I support my daughter in what she wants to do.”

By Editor April 24, 2017 07:38

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